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Window Tinting Installation


Running a window tinting business in Calgary is not an easy task. Many have come and gone, but Ceramic Pro Calgary has remained a constant in the industry. There are several purposes and benefits that tinting adds to your vehicle outside of aesthetics. Three of the main benefits are privacy, added style and protection from heat. We are all too familiar with how cold it gets in Calgary, but it gets very hot in the summer months as well. The tinting film application will minimize the stressors of the weather and let you roll in style while you do it! With a window tint, the interior portion of your vehicle will be protected from the exterior elements of the outside world. We use Suntek Carbon and Suntek Ceramic tinting products that come with a lifetime warranty.

At Ceramic Pro Calgary we use both high ceramic films and carbon films that include a lifetime warranty and covers both the fill as well as the installation. We offer a flat rate for all of our tint packages. We have options that range from limo tint (darkest available) to 45% (lightest available). In between our limo and 45% packages, we offer 18%, 25% and 35% tint packages. We firmly believe that these options will meet all of our client’s needs and a suitable option can be found for any vehicle regardless of make or model!

Protect your investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Added Protection of Interior
  • Added Protection for Occupants of Vehicles
  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays
  • Rejects Heat and UV Rays

Featured Product:  Suntek Ceramic Tint

  • Non-Reflective Tint
  • Non-Metal: Won’t Block Cell, Satellite or Radio Signals
  • Protection from Heat and UV Rays
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty and Installer Warranty

Experienced Experts with the Highest Quality Tint in Alberta

Tint is a great way to customize and stylize your vehicle.  More importantly, window tinting protects you and your car from the Sun’s harmful rays.

Window tinting provides both practical and beautiful application. It protects harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your car and damaging your skin, as well as adding style to your vehicle. When the sun’s rays are not blinding you from your peripheral vision, you are able to more comfortably focus on the road and in turn drive safer. In the long summer days of the Calgarian Sun, the sun can be blinding at times and cause visual obstructions to the driver, directly increasing the risks of accidents. In addition, the suns rays can also take it’s toll on the interior material of the car’s cabin. Over time, the sun will change the leather, cloth or plastic material and fade them to an unintended, unnatural colour. Instead of allowing the sun’s rays from damaging the interior of your vehicle, protect the interior with tinting film!

Tinting film also adds additional protection and safety to your windows as it adds privacy and protects from window shattering. The window tinting film adds extra layers of strength that can prevent the windows from shattering in unforeseen events. Tinting also provides additional security of your interior, protecting valuable materials from unwanted eyes and keeping your vehicle cooler in both style and temperature.

Alberta Laws on Window Tinting

You might be wondering about how much tint is legally allowed on your car. With regards to the windshield and front side windows of your vehicle, it is illegal to tint those surfaces. The good news however, is that there are no restrictions on the rear passenger windows or the back window of the vehicle. You can legally tint your back and rear windows as dark or as light as you wish!

Suntek Carbon vs. Suntek Ceramic: Let’s Compare

We are proud to offer two premium varieties of window tint: Suntek Carbon and Suntek Ceramic.

Ceramic Pro Calgary is proud to offer both Suntek Carbon and Suntek Ceramic applications. Suntek Carbon products use tinting applications that trap the heat on the exterior of the surface and repel it outwards, keeping your car cool in the summer time. These tinting products come with a non-reflective “black finish” and allow radio signals to enter and exit the vehicle freely. The darker the tint (5% being the darkest) the less light enters the car. Our professional installers can adjust the level of tint on your windows to fit anyone’s style and preference!

The Suntek Ceramic Package offered (also known as CIR) provides all the advantages of the Carbon Package. Of course, the Ceramic Tinting Package comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty along with the warranty offered through Ceramic Pro Calgary’s Centre.

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