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Interior Detailing

We at Ceramic Pro Calgary spend hundreds of hours in our cars in any given year and we are all too familiar with the complications that result from spending these long hours in our vehicles. We understand how difficult it can be to keep our cars clean, and know that a short drive of 15 kilometers can take much longer when the strong winter elements show themselves. An interior car cleaning allows you to enjoy your daily commute in a meticulously cleaned vehicle.

Stressors on the interior of the car can come in all shapes and sizes including work commutes, food stains, coffee stains as well as children and adolescents. These stressors can take a serious toll on the once immaculate interior of the car. Our professionals at Ceramic Pro Calgary can remove the unpleasant mess from the interior of the car without taking time out of your busy day. Just drop your car off with our friendly staff at Ceramic Pro Calgary and we will use our highly specialized techniques specifically designed for your interior. We will cater and detail to exceed your individual needs, and are very accommodating to the requests of our clients. This interior detailing package includes a full and intricate vacuum, a surface cleaning of all exposed surfaces and a cup holder cleaning. After the interior detail has been completed, the interior of the car will look and feel as close to that new off the lot dealer feel that you had when the car was brand new!

Included in Package

  • Interior Vacuum
  • Deep Cleaning of all Surfaces
  • Cup Holder Cleaning
  • Clean all leather/vinyl seats, centre console/dash ect. Coated with leather protection (Starts at $299)
  • Engine detail, degrease, shampoo and shine of engine bay (starts at $99).
The best way to protect your investment!
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