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FEYNLAB ™ is the best self-healing ceramic coating product. It is highly durable and effective at protecting your paint. FEYNLAB ™ was originally created to reduce and eliminate light scratching and swirl marks altogether. This product combines the protection that comes from ceramic coating with self-healing technology in order to create a highly protective coating.

Protect your vehicle today with FeynLab!

Self Heal Plus

FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS is the best way to keep your vehicle’s paint in optimal condition. HEAL PLUS is the most advanced self-healing nano-coating technology in the market. Once it’s cured, it creates a highly durable thick layer of coating for your exterior.

  • Industry leader
  • 7-year warranty
  • Best product to maintain the true color/gloss of the paint
  • Hydrophobic/Chemical resistant

Heal Lite

FEYNLAB® HEAL LITE works wonders on vehicles with dark paint colors because it adds a high gloss finish to your exterior. Dark colored paints are very hard to maintain due to weathering and contaminations from dirt, debris, bird droppings, etc. HEAL LITE is a great product for removing swirls marks or other imperfections, and works best on non-metallic surfaces.

  • Has up to 60% of healing capabilities found in FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS
  • One-step ultra-durable coating
  • Wet-look glossy finish
  • Transforms dull dark paint to a high gloss finish

Ceramic Plus

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC PLUS has hydrophobic qualities, is heat resistant, and provides a glossy shine to your paint. It combines the thickness and protection Ceramic provides, but also incorporates 40% of self-healing properties. CERAMIC PLUS prevents scratches and restores your paint’s original color.

  • 30ml bottle that lasts for a mid-sized vehicle
  • Scratches are almost undetectable on light colored paints
  • Combo of self-healing properties and ceramic durability
  • Professional use only


FEYNLAB® CERAMIC has an amazing turnaround time of 25 minutes. It protects your vehicle from chemicals and harsh UV rays and effectively bonds to your paint’s structure. CERAMIC makes cleaning much easier and is a great replacement to waxing.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Brilliant gloss
  • 1 component layer
  • Easy application

Ceramic Lite

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC LITE is the best user-friendly coating product currently on the market. This product is highly durable and reliable. CERAMIC LITE is safe for a multitude of surfaces and will protect your paint better than other coating products.

  • Easy installation
  • Competitive pricing
  • All products created and bottled in house
  • Perfect introduction to FEYNLAB® products

Ceramic Wheel/ Caliper

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC WHEEL AND CALIPER has 70% content and increases the durability of your wheels. WHEEL AND CALIPER forms a thick and durable nano-coated layer that protects against contaminations and works ideally in extremely harsh conditions

  • Works well in extreme conditions
  • Goes beyond existing paint structure
  • Shield against brake dust and road elements


FEYNLAB® PLASTIC creates an extremely protective film of about 1-2 microns. PLASTIC rejuvenates dull and faded exterior trims back to their original form, while adding a layer of extra protection.

  • Protects from future fading
  • 1-year durability
  • Hydrophobic qualities
  • Creates new chemical structure to restore plastics


FEYNLAB® LEATHER TREATMENT is an all-natural vegetable and water-based formula that is perfect for repelling oils from your leather seats. Most other products are oil based and leave your interior prone to dust, as well as leave a greasy look and feel.

  • Compatible with all leather
  • All natural
  • 120ml or 500ml bottle
  • Deeply conditions leather


FEYNLAB® TEXTILE protects your carpets and seats from spills, pets, stains and anything else that can ruin your interior. This product is the best for protecting your interior, and will ultimately save you time and money because you’ll spend less effort cleaning. TEXTILE doesn’t leave any chemical odors after it has dried.

  • UV protection
  • Great for fabric seats
  • Lasts for 6-12 months
  • 500 ml bottle
Protect your vehicle today with FeynLab!
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