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Premier high-quality detailing products

Ceramic Pro Centre Calgary detailing services feature top quality detailing products to restore the shine to your vehicle's exterior and leave the interior clean and fresh. Most auto detailing services can be completed in a few short hours. Everyone loves a clean car, and a clean just feels better. Ceramic Pro Centre Calgary auto detailing technicians are trained and equipped with the most advanced, tools, equipment, chemicals and supplies to provide the best auto detailing services for your vehicle.

CPCC detailing packages

Ceramic Pro Centre Calgary goes above and beyond by offering specialty restoration services to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Calgary's roads can be hard on your vehicle, but we can take your detailing service to the next level. Whether you're looking to upgrade your detailing package or order an a la carte detailing service, CPCC provides everything from odor removal to paint swirl removal, oxidation removal, paint protection, spot and stain removal, headlight restoration and more.

Give your vehicle the premier look

Ceramic Pro Centre Calgary detailing services utilize today's advanced technology of specially formulated protection products that protect both the interior and exterior of today's automotive finishes. Ceramic Pro Centre Calgary provides a no-nonsense warranty for all car detailing services which offers complete peace of mind for years to come. With top-quality detailing service applications like leather rejuvenation, spot-polishing, swirl-mark removal and paint reconditioning, your vehicle has never been in better hands.

Our detailing services include:

Express Clean - $99
Interior Detail - $299
The Complete Package - $499

Add Ons:
Hand Wax - $75
Zymol Hand Wax - $125
Zymol Vintage Estate Hand Wax - $175
De-Ox - /hr
Spot Polish - $85/hr
Spray Wax - 25
Interior Conditioning/Protection - $75
Power-Polishing - From $299

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