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Ceramic Pro Centre Calgary has one goal; customer satisfaction. As an officially certified Ceramic Pro installation centre, our team of installers have trained on vehicles, boats, airplanes and more to bring the best techniques and applications to Calgary. Our team understands what it takes to make our customers happy. Our trained installers have meticulously trained with the best installers around the globe to provide you with the ultimate service. You won't find anywhere in Calgary that will provide you with quality service, products and warranties for the same price. Quality is important to us, and we will never sacrifice the quality of our work. Building a better relationship with out customers and understanding their needs is where you'll find Ceramic Pro Centre Calgary is unmatched.

There are so many options these days for paint sealants & topical coatings that it can be hard to know which one is right for your vehicle & detailing needs. That's where we come in.

While it still may be relatively new on the scene, Ceramic Pro is quickly becoming one of the industry's top protective coating products, and we're proud to finally offer it to clients from all over the Alberta. Our Ceramic Pro package options are competitively priced to supply you with just the level of protection you desire, without breaking the bank.

Each Ceramic Pro package comes with a manufacturer-backed warranty, and can be modified to include additional protection with an added layer of 9H, Light, and Rain, or coupled with an Interior, Leather, and Textile treatment. Additionally, Ceramic Pro 9H can also protect your factory & aftermarket wheels from brake dust, build up, and corrosion. For routine treatments, we offer Ceramic Pro Sport as an option to maintain hydrophobicity, or as a standalone introductory treatment. We also offer Ceramic Pro Strong for heavy-duty jobs that require maximum hydrophobicity & protection – Strong is ideal for coating industrial machinery, marine equipment and everything in between in one fell swoop.

Ceramic Pro, with its hydrophobic properties, is the ideal choice for protecting your paint, exterior carbon, windows, brakes, wheels, interior leather, interior plastics & fabrics and much more. Acting as a hardened barrier against the elements, Ceramic Pro protects your vehicle from rock chips, sun fading, road debris, contact with other objects, leaves no water spots, makes your vehicle easier to clean and plenty of other selling features. Come to our showroom and try out some of our protected and unprotected samples to see for yourself! Ceraic Pro packages have manufacturer warranties ranging from 2 years to 10+ years.

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